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Anurag Chauhan is an esteemed social worker from India who is also the founder of Humans for Humanity – an NGO that aspires to create a better world for its inhabitants through the upliftment and emancipation of women, distribution of food to those who need it, educating the underprivileged, and essentially, extending a helping hand to those who can’t clamour or vociferously demand that assistance. Driven by a desire to do his bit to change the world, he was inspired to give back to the community and found his calling in social work. Initially, at a very young age, he volunteered with Art and Culture Groups and NGOs but, eventually, attracted the attention of other organizations and even got consultation requests from other companies, and finally was determined to start his own organization – Humans for Humanity. The organization now has various projects under its wing wherein it reaches and empowers millions of people including rural women, Kathputli artists, underprivileged children, and textile artisans among others. Anurag has always been an ardent supporter of India’s rich and diverse culture. He is astounded by the uniqueness and appeal of the Indian Heritage and is confident that that makes the country stand out. Consequently, he wants to work towards promoting art and culture because he believes our heritage needs to be preserved. Through Breathing Arts, he seeks to promote all kinds of existing/upcoming artists and give them a place to express themselves.

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